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Named: Enter the filename pattern to search for. This can be a specific filename or a pattern using asterisk.
Folder: Browse for or enter the path of the folder you want to start searching from. Note: Searches will automatically include all subfolders.
Formatting: This is the encoding method to be used when reading and writing files. Leave as "Unknown" if you are not sure and the file's encoding will be automatically detected.
Match case: Check to perform case-sensitive searches.
Use Regular Expressions: Check to use regular expressions instead of having your search text be used verbatim.
Search For: Enter the text you wish to search for. Enter, ...etc is permitted.
Multiple value: Check to treat each line in the search for text box as a separate thing to search for. This allows you to search for multiple strings in the same file.
Replace With: Enter the text you wish to replace each found occurrence with.
The results grid: The grid at the bottom will display each file where the text was found as well as the number of times the text was found in each file.

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